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OOC: Oh sweet heart. I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that you and your family will be in my thoughts. *Hugs*

OOC: Thank you honey. It means the world. *hugs*

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OOC: Justice For Tawnee

Friday 8-16-13 Tawnee Ayers died at the age of 23. But the story started before her death. Last Saturday Tawnee was found unresponsive and beaten. She was brought back to life only to be put on life support. Tawnee had no brain activity but was kept alive by the machines as every test was done with the hopes that a miracle would happen. 

As the days passed, the story came out. Tawnee was the victim of domestic abuse. We know that as recently as the previous Wed she’d suffered a burst ear drum at the hands of the man who claimed to love her. 

This same man continues to deny his role in her death. I’ve known Tawnee since she was a toddler when I married her uncle. Tawnee quickly stole my heart and even after my marriage ended I stayed in touch with the girls. I even lived with Tawnee and her family for some time after my divorce. 

She was full of life and lived it to the fullest. Her smile lit up the world and her laugh was infectious. 

Now a family grieves and another soul is lost to the stars. She’s no longer in pain and she’s safe now but those left behind mourn the loss. 

Her life and death tell a story…and I pray that hearing it can save another. If you are a victim of domestic abuse SPEAK UP. GET HELP. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. 

You can call 1-800-799-SAFE(7233) or visit http://www.thehotline.org/

They can and will help you make a safety plan and help you get out of the situation. 

Love doesn’t come with bruises or broken bones. And NO ONE is worth your life. 

My beautiful niece is your wake up call. Don’t end up this way. And please understand that you are worth so much more. 

~The human behind Sunshine~

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A bit of an explanation

I’m not one to explain things and neither is my human but I felt it necessary at this time. A storyline was started and got off to a slow start. This is due to an opportunity that fell into my human’s lap recently. 

It’s no secret that my human has become deeply involved in the music world. If any of your authors follow my author, then you see it daily. 

My human has recently been added to the Freaky Pug PR & Records family as the brand new and official U.S. Marketing Coordinator. This is huge step toward a dream realized and if I MUST, I’ll say I’m proud of my human. 

This does however mean that I get put on the back burner yet again. Don’t all weep at once.  

If you’re lucky, I’ll pop in from time to time and steal your soul or something. 

Now, go. I have Doctor Who to watch.

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OOC: Self-Harm Awareness Day March 1st.

1 in 5 girls and 1 in 7 boys self-harm. 90% start in their teens and continue into their 20s.  My daughter is one of those statistics. Back in late Oct a teacher brought it to our attention that she had noticed cuts on my daughter’s arms. After checking her and talking to her, she sat in tears and told us that yes, it was true. She’s one of the lucky ones. She has parents that pay attention and she’s in treatment. She’s currently in recovery but every day is a battle. Every day without blood shed is a victory.

March 1st is Self-Harm Awareness Day. On this day we ask that you show your support for those that self-harm. It’s very easy to do so. You can do one or all of the following. 

A. Wear Orange

B. Write LOVE or KEEP FIGHTING on your arm.

C. Draw a butterfly on your arm and on the arm of someone you know who self-     harms. 

These are very simple to do but can offer love and support to someone. If someone asks you why you’ve written or drawn on yourself. TELL THEM. Tell them about kids like mine who feel they have no other outlet for the pain.

Together we can change lives. We can save lives. 

If you know someone who self-harms, reach out to them. Be their safe place. Be the support they need. 

If you self-harm, TALK to someone. Seek professional help. And remember that you’re valuable and that you are loved. No one should suffer in silence or alone. 

If you participate, snap a photo of yourself and post it to me on one of my twitters @SunshineSeverus or @_SunStars. I’ll be making a collage of the photos for the kids that feel they have no one and as a reminder that there are people out here who care. 

Thank you for supporting children like mine. 

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Just Another Soul: Life is hard and people are mean. It’s easier just to give up,...


Life is hard and people are mean. It’s easier just to give up, right?

The answer to that is a very simple, NO.

In the last few weeks I’ve seen so many stories pop up about teens committing suicide because they thought it was easier to give up. And while in theory that sounds right, it really…

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dream sweet love submissive: Change Your Perspective. (a note about life and bullying)



I read something today that informed me that another 12 year old girl had taken her life due to bullying. How many young kids are going to lose their lives this year and the next because someone pushed them over the edge by spewing derogatory adjectives in their general direction, by…

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Okay tumblr… Mrs. Obama needs a project for the next four years. Anti Bullying would be perfect. Get on over to twitter and tweet her to make this her project. Stand up for the kids who are too scared to go to school. Stand up for the kids who have no one standing up for them. 

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Canada breathes one massive sigh of relief and dials america:



this may be literally the best post on tumblr tonight. thank  you for this.

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